i3 tips and tricks

08 Nov 2023

I’ve been using the I3 window manager for a while now and now find no way of going back to a non-tiling window manager. Below are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

Moving a floating window

With floating_modifier $mod set, you can move floating windows around with the mouse when holding down the mod key.

Shared config with extras per machine

Add this to your config.

include ~/dotfiles/i3/hostname.conf

Now you can have specific config in the files ~/dotfiles/i3/laptop.conf and ~/dotfiles/i3/desktop.conf.

Run commands on startup when the network is available

Starting some apps before the network is ready will cause rendering issues for images etc. Using nm-online you can run the command when the connection is ready:

set $connectCheck nm-online --quiet --timeout=300
exec $connectCheck && slack
exec $connectCheck && google-chrome

More tips and tricks

Find all of my config in my dotfiles.